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1-If machine trimmer does not work;

  • Trimmer main cable must be checked if it is properly installed.
  • The Trimmer socket must be checked if it has power.
  • Trimmer motor must be checked if it recieves power.
  • If all electricity powers ok, please check cable connections inside the trimmer motor.

2-If the trimmer knives does not trimming properly or does not trimming surface of the pipe/fitting;

  • Trimmer knives are double-sided, you can also use the reverse side of them when the knives blinded due to the long time use.
  • If the knives does not trimming surface of pipe/fittings need to raise the position of knives. Loosen the screws on knives and put under piece of paper 1-2mm and retighten screws.

3-If any pipe/fittings piece flee into the trimmer and make it jammed;

  • Please open the screws in the central part of trimmer and remove the trimmer cap. After cleaning inside of the trimmer please set up caps. Before setting up the caps make sure that the chain is plugged into gear.

4-Breaking of trimmer chain;

  • Need to buy new chain with necessary measure. Make sure to stretch the chain before closing screws with the mechanism inside trimmer.

5-Cracking or breakage of trimmer body;

  • The trimmer body made of aluminum so make sure that trimmer placed properly. Cracks or breaks may If you place trimmer incorrectly . In this case need to replace with new trimmer body.

6- Cracking or breakage of trimmer caps;

  • Please use the machine according to user manual. When you apply more pressure than written in user manual during the trimming procedure it may harm the trimmer caps.


1-If ‘SERR’ error occured on the screen of the heater thermostat;

  • This error can come up if the heater does not plugged or thermocouple defective. If the heater is plugged, thermocouple connections should be checked and if it is burned need to supply new thermocouple as well.

2-If the heater does not heat;

  • First check the connection cables and make sure that electric comes to the heater.
  • Check resistance connections .If possible make resistance measurement. And if the resistance is failed please replace with the new one.

3-If the heater sticks to pipe/fitting;

  • The heater is made of aluminum plate and coated with non-stick teflon (PTFE). In time it could be abraded. Need to overcoat it again. Please ask to help from the technical service.

4-If hetaer does not work although comes electric;

  • In this case you need to push to relay with control pen which is inside the hydraulic unit in the middle of the contactor. If the heater works when you push with the control pen and does not work when you leave , then contactor defective. Replace it with the new one.

5-In case of thermostat failure;

  • First, the machine always need to be plugged into a generator which is already at running situation. If you activate generator after plugging machine, the sensors can be damaged which is located inside thermostat. In this case the new thermostat should be provided.


1-Hydraulic oil selection;

  • Number 46 hydraulic oil need to be added to hydraulic oil tank. Otherwise the hydraulic unit components may be damaged.
  • The oil indicator on the hydraulic unit always must be half-filled.

2-Pressure leakage test in hydraulic unit;

  • The hydraulic system has an automatic locking and nitrogen tank for pressure buildup. If the pressure drops remove the hydraulic unit from body and run it separately. And with this way you can identify that if pressure drop caused hydraulic unit.

3-If the pressure drop caused hydraulic unit;

  • Open the hydraulic unit cover and check inside if there any oil leakage . And if there is not oil lakage please remove locking valve which is near the hydraulic plate and check .

4-Motor-Pump failure inside the hydraulic unit;

  • If the motor burned due to high voltage, must be replaced with a new one.
  • If you add wrong number hydraulic oil, the pump may be damage. Also using motor direction of rotation with the opposite side may damage pump.

5-If hydraulic motor is running but pressure does not rise;

  • First, make sure pressure regulator is clockwise open where the hydraulic jacks inserted.
  • If the regulator at correct position but the problem persists please check the oil level from oil indicator. Oil indicator should show as half-filled.
  • If the oil level is as required but the problem still persists, then pump is defetcted. It must be replaced with new one.

6-If the hydraulic unit is running but does not move the clamps;

  • The valves should be checked which providing forward-backward movement of clamps. This valves located on the hydraulic wedge.Push with the screwdrive to the middle of valves and operate with manually. If it works manually then valve bobbins are burnt due to power fluctuations. Please replace with new one.


1-Hydraulic jacks failure;

  • Hydraulic jacks may malfunction due to entry of sands or similar materials inside them in the field. Must be replaced with new one.

2-If the machine clamps trembling when you move them forward;

  • First set the pressure as 70-80 bar and run machine to test it. If it normally works at 70-80 bar that means there some air bubbles formed at machine oil motion path. So need to take out that air bubbles from oil motion path. First set pressure to normal again and make sure that all piston tube bolts (which are long) equally squeezed. Then make sure that the chromed mils are clean and do not abrasion. After all you can throw out that air bubbles with loosening T connection of hydraulic circuit piping on the body and giving pressure to machine.

3-If the machine clamps do not move at the same time or moving barely;

  • There are 4 bolts which make connection between body and mils.Please open that bolts and squeeze again to eliminate this poblem.

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