About us

About Us

Veltek Plastic Technologies Industry Trade Limited Company was established in Istanbul in 2002
with the aim to produce Plastic Welding Machines with “WELTECH” brand name, used for
mounting plastic pipes. In time the production range has been extended and as of today plastic
welding machines between with diameters 20 mm up to 2000 mm can be produced. In 2009
polyethylene fittings production has been started and within a short time fittings with diameters
20mm up to 2000 mm has been produced.
Our produciton of machinery and fittings are granted with CE, ISO 9001, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS
18001:2007, TS EN 12201 -3 + A1, Russia GOST and Ukraine UKR certificates.
As of 2016, 14 years of experience with plastic welding machine production, ‘WELTECH’ brand is
growing sustainably. As a result of 3 years of R&D studies, our production has been renovated
almost completely and plastic welding machines of 16 different types with diameters 20 mm up
to 2000 mm can be produced. In additon to growth in diameter, we have added the CNC
automatic butt-welding machine to our production range %100 complying with the plastic
welding standarts.


Our Vision

– Being a first class company in world ranking
– To sustain the growth rate over the averages of the sector,
– Everyday to work to create a better future
– Distinguished service approach in the world,
– The personnel who is aware of the fact that the benefits obtained from the institution is directly proportional to the created added values and continuously improves herself/himself,
– To obtain highest levels of financial results as per the branch of industry,
-To receive the appreciation of our customers, partners, employees, sub-industry and our society in which we live and work and to realize our works in best manners.


Our Mission

As Veltek Plastic Technologies to be a leader in improving the business processes and work results of our customers and products. Our strategic purpose is to support people in finding methods to perform their works in better ways and in developing their businesses.

By presenting quality products and services with great value, to establish positive and sustained relations with our customers, thereby to become the number one in our sector with our customer satisfaction and product quality policy.


Our Fundamental values

– Trustworthiness
– Customer Satisfaction
– Perfectionism
– Innovativeness
– Leadership
– Efficiency

Quality Standards and Policy

Veltek Plastic Technologies Industry Trade Limited Company  continuing its productions until today as of 2002 as a trusted company in its sector, against the high demand presented by the high technology, presents a continuous development by paying efforts to produce products with high cost efficiency and quality by observing the regulations.

Our company is ready to take the required steps for the material demands of futures and has started studies in this direction.

Our Quality Management System that was established to provide efficient, effective and customer focused operations has assumed the essential duties to achieve the total quality management targets with the participation of the employees and with the supports of the management. Our policy is to produce products with zero default percentage for providing full customer and personnel satisfaction.

Operating by focusing on the customer at all times is the most significant aspect for a company’s success in business world.
Developments in the quality system, in connection with the market relations which constantly become more transparent, have provided an increase on our operations with the partnership of our customers.

Our customers are precious.  Creating values for our customers, to respond to their expectations with quality and stability is our duty. It is our assignment to fully embrace our products and to be by the side of our customers also after the sales.

Being aware of the responsibilities and being distinguished along with the experience of years, our goal is to present best services to our customers through our dynamic and contemporary structure.
We continuously improve our products to increase both our and our customers’ performance.

Ongoing improvements which we make to enhance product performance, on the other side increases the efficiency and competition power of our customers.

Increasing customer satisfaction and demands provided the commencement of new production lines thereby leading to capacity increase and product variety.

The coherence between the institutional targets of a company, the methods followed and dynamics is directly related to the leadership aspects of the institution. All of the activities are conducted complying with the international standards, institutional management approach, customer satisfaction, social responsibility understanding and with the principles to protect the environment.

Always being “the best”  is our indispensable target.  Our essential goal is to protect this image that we appertain in quality, service and international trading.

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